Chuck It Dog Toys – The Story

The material isn’t advertised as being particularly durable or tough, but plenty of users report that it lasts well and withstands a good amount of chewing. The design of the stick features holes that help to maintain airflow while your dog is walking or running while carrying it. We love the fact that it’s brightly coloured and buoyant so you can also throw it into water for dogs that love a paddle. The bear is available in a range of sizes, so you can match it perfectly to the size of your dog. The larger one is ideal for playing tug, or for two dogs to play with each other.

As a dog owner, it is important to understand not only the physical benefits of exercise for your pet but also the intellectual benefits of your interaction with them. Toys are a great way to provide this mental stimulation while also spending time with your dog and strengthening the bond you have with them.

Each disc is 8.2” and made from a hard plastic that’s lightweight and easy to throw. Each product comes with a replacement guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product for any reason. An effective way to get your dog interested in toys is to pair them with food. Treat-dispensing toys can be both mentally and physically stimulating and allows your dog to practice his foraging skills. If your dog is just too smart for all of our other puzzles, then check out My Intelligent Pets Flower Toy. This is one of our largest and most complex dog puzzle toys.

The training solutions toy helps to protect against destructive boredom behaviours. You can control the toy from your phone (“drive mode”), while it will also “react” to what your pet is doing and require no input from you (“interactive mode”). The battery has been designed to last for 40 minutes in drive mode, but up to four hours in interactive mode. The bone can respond to being chased, being touched, being ignored and more. If you want to take your toy-buying to the next level, then check out the WickedBone interactive smart pet toy. On the outside of the stick, you’ll find raised bumps with a range of textures designed to stimulate your dog’s senses. Some dogs however may find the lack of a squeaker or anything to destroy a little uninteresting.

It even helps you avoid having to pick up a slobber-coated tennis ball with your hands. Wishbone Dog Chew — The original Wishbone Dog Chew is available in three flavors and features a dog-friendly shape, which is easy for pups to grip. The company also manufacturers tooth-cleaning toys and interactive toys that are designed to hold a treat. Outward Hound’s toy line is really varied, so most owners should be able to find a product that is well-suited for their pup. Many of their toys have a humorous flair, and most are pretty adorable. Outward Hound’s namesake product line is comprised of plush toys , outdoor toys, interactive toys and a line of toys made from fire hose material. Barnyard Animal Sheep — The Barnyard Sheep is a cute chew toy, rated as an 8 on the TuffScale.

So if you’re already tired of throwing these balls, you can simply use an automated launcher to have your dog fully engaged. If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise your dog, and get a little bit for yourself, an agility kit for the backyard is perfect for you!

Rumored Buzz on Chuck It Dog Toys Exposed

Only you know your dog’s likes and dislikes as well as their destructive tendencies. This toy can help with crate training and reduce whining and barking.

we’ve had good luck with the harder chuckit balls, also. He had a bunch of thick ropes and grinds roght throught them. Also have good luck with the hard plastic nylabones but wouldn’t let a dog use those unattended. He also has the destroyed the orbee snow ball but I don’t let him chewing it only let him chewing whole carrying it ant re throw it to hI’m.

If you want to get your dog lots of toys in one purchase, this cute set from Konky is a great buy. With all that, let’s dig in to the best puppy toys on Amazon. They aren’t “our” toys — they’re just our recommendations.

I noticed that this made the ball easier for our dogs to find, particularly when sniffing around for it in long grass. When it came to random bouncing, no ball compared to the Crazy Bounce by SodaPup. With its six protruding nubs, it’s a lot lumpier than your traditional tennis ball. On one side of the ball is a small tab, but I cut this off with scissors before play. The Breathe Right ball allows your dog to breathe easily even when his jaws are wrapped around a ball. It achieves this by its hollowed-out, lattice-work design.

It’s not recommended for dogs over 50 pounds, and we do recommend you supervise playtimes. This is another long-lasting chew toy from Nylabone that challenges the jaws of aggressive chewers. This one has a sturdy nylon bone shape with raised bristles that help clean your pup’s teeth while they enjoy. Nylabone is a classic, and something that most pet owners have used at one point or another. The different textures will keep your pup entertained, and these are ideal for solo play as well as interactive play.

Thanks to the whistling sound, however, she was able to easily locate this ball throw after throw. If you are tired of walking over to balls that your dog can’t find, then this could be the solution for you. Fits ball throwerYesFloatsNoHolesYesSqueaksNoFew balls were chased with as much enthusiasm as the Chuckit! Two go right through the center so that your dog can breathe with the ball in his mouth. But it’s the other two holes that give the Whistler Ball its name. Interestingly, the ball is infused with mint oil.

The color is great – much easier to spot in long grass than other colours. The ball also floats, so can be played with in water. Designed with chuckit medium ball launcher bright blue and orange colors, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball allows pets and pet parents to easily spot the ball in tall grass or on water.

  • I would go so far as to say that tennis balls are one of the most popular dog toys around.
  • They are made from strong natural durable rubber, and in the case of my dog I would highly recommend them as being staffy proof.
  • Wood sticks can be dangerous for dogs to catch and chew.
  • I was slightly sceptical at first if I’m totally honest, with them being hollow but that really isn’t an issue at all as they must be super strong!
  • He loves them n sits chewing on them for ages, squishing them in his mouth constantly!
  • These dog tennis balls add an entire new twist to games of fetch and feature heavily as top picks in ourbest dog toys guide.

These toys can help transition a newly adopted pet to their new home and reduce anxiety caused by fireworks and thunderstorms. It has a pulsing heartbeat, is available in multiple colors, and it’s machine washable.