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Just under half of the ladies discovered it appropriate to see a midwife for contraceptive/sexual well being consultations. FOKUS’ vision is a world based on gender equality and equity, the place women’s human rights are revered and protected and where everybody has equal entry to participation regardless of gender. FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development – is a knowledge and resource centre on international gender points. It is an umbrella group for about 50 organizations in Norway. The general goal is to advertise women’s human rights and gender equality globally. This necessitates strengthening women’s entry to rights, sources and power, which FOKUS seeks to attain through advocacy and worldwide improvement cooperation.

There has been an increasing focus on sexual violence and abuse both internationally and in Norway over the past few years, with a devoted WHO directive26 and Norwegian governmental guidelines27. Unorganized actions corresponding to #metoo are also currently elevating consciousness round women who’ve been subject to undesirable sexual attentions and abuse. This too might affect the views that girls have on speaking about their own experiences with a health care professional. The subject of ever having skilled sexual abuse or violence was broached with the women of the youngest age group more frequently than with the opposite groups, but rated as equally necessary by all women aged 15–34 years. Almost one in ten women in Norway has been topic to rape, and the chance of getting experienced sexual abuse will increase with every year lived28, making this a relevant subject across all age teams. Very few women found access to contraceptive consultations to be a difficulty. Over two-thirds of all women wanted more info on side effects when attending contraceptive consultations.

Girls born in 1997 and later will be serving within the military in bigger numbers. About a 3rd of these drafted and cleared for army service in 2016 had been women. Women have served as Ministers of Defense since 1999, and actually, aside from the years and , the entire Ministers of Defense who’ve served since then have been women.

Access to contraceptive consultations was not a big obstacle to contraceptive use. Women want consultations to incorporate significantly more data on unwanted side effects and obtainable various hormonal contraceptives. They also need data and communication about basic sexual wellbeing similar to vaginal pain and discomfort, and historical past of sexual violence and abuse. Just underneath half of the ladies view midwives as appropriate well being care professionals to see on these matters. All women rated vaginal ache and discomfort necessary to talk about, but women 35 years and older were asked significantly extra usually. This may indicate that well being care personnel think about it more applicable to talk about this with women who’ve gone by way of childbirth with the accompanying trauma to the tissues.

Gender equality must be thought of when hiring for instructing and research positions in higher education. If one sex is underrepresented, applications from the other sex are specifically invited, and certified candidates from the underrepresented gender usually take priority. On all official committees, boards and councils, each gender will need to have a minimum of forty % of the members. The Ministry of Defense can be implementing policy to create gender-impartial armed forces.

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In 2016, the Norwegian authorities extended the right of midwives and PHNs to prescribe contraceptives to all women of fertile age, not solely those sixteen–20 years of age8. This means that women can now choose to see a midwife or a PHN for his or her contraceptive needs. Access to a contraceptive consultation has thus, in principle, turn into simpler. However, because of lack of assets, in significantly midwives, most public health clinics still solely supply appointments to women under the age of 20 years, and pregnant women, as required by the Norwegian law13,15. Norwegian youth aged 15–20 years have had entry since 2002 to free consultations on sexual health and contraceptives through the general public health clinic for youth or college well being companies. Here they will get prescriptions for free or sponsored contraceptives, together with LARCs13.

In 2016, the US abortion fee fell to 14.6 per a thousand women, and this was the bottom since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973. Norway has been growing gender equality coverage for a number of many years. In 1978, Parliament adopted the Gender Equality Act, and it was last revised in 2013. The Act shall promote gender equality and goals in particular at improving the place of women. Women and men shall be given equal alternatives in training, employment, and cultural and skilled development. The Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization additionally play necessary roles. Gender equality is an integral a part of the college curricula.

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The emblem was additionally used as the brand of NKF’s journal Nylænde, edited by Gina Krog. The skilled committee is chaired by professor of sociology Cathrine Holst. ) is a politically independent human rights political advocacy organisation, and is the umbrella organisation for the Norwegian women’s rights organisations. It works to integrate mail order norwegian brides women’s views into all political, economical and social processes.

In addition, 10 centuries in the past Norway was perhaps the only country in Europe where women’s rights had been protected by legislation. Close to half of the ladies throughout all age groups considered midwives appropriate well being care personnel to consult after they have questions on contraceptives or want advice on sexual health. We had anticipated fewer among the youngest women to offer this answer, as much less of them have yet met the midwife by way of neighborhood antenatal care. Only about one-third of the women have been conscious that midwives can prescribe and administer LARCs. This reveals that there is a lack of knowledge among women about what companies midwives can provide. Besides midwives being given the authority to prescribe, women must be knowledgeable about their choices and adequate midwives need to be employed at neighborhood health facilities. It could be troublesome for girls to find a person they can confide in when experiencing problems with shame, body image, genital pain, control over their sexuality or similar issues.

N.K.S. sees women’s residing situations as a multifaceted concept – due to this fact our commitment covers a variety of points. We are equally committed to contributing to analysis on women’s health as to working on behalf of ladies who’ve been uncovered to violence and minority women and extra usually, to bettering women’s rights in society.

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However, over half of the ladies throughout all age teams found all the themes raised in the questionnaire important to speak about in a contraceptive session. It is easier to reply directly requested questions than to convey up topics oneself. Therefore, it would be appropriate if health care personnel ask questions and invite open dialogue concerning the wider perspective on sexual health and wellbeing29. Contraceptive consultations provide a chance to discuss these points. In our sample, only a small proportion of the ladies had been asked questions on sexual wellbeing throughout contraceptive counselling, whereas a excessive proportion thought it to be essential. The subjects of genital discomfort or ache, and historical past of sexual abuse or sexual violence, stood out because the subjects that girls of all age groups discovered most important to address in these consultations. Compared to the findings of Wendt et al.12, women in our study had been asked about these points extra typically.

This service is offered mainly by public well being nurses and a few midwives, who have been authorized to prescribe hormonal contraceptives to women aged sixteen–20 years since . Before this, prescriptions for contraceptives were solely out there from docs, with a payable fee each for consultations and contraceptives. Across all age groups, unwanted effects have been the commonest matter that ladies (sixty nine%) wanted more information about. Concern about unwanted effects was also probably the most frequent cause given (27%) for not using hormonal contraceptives. Among women aged 25–34 years, fifty four% wished to know extra about different out there contraceptives. The majority of women deemed problems with sexual wellbeing essential to handle throughout a contraceptive consultation.

Insufficient data was also the principle cause for non-use of hormonal contraceptives. All the different features of sexual wellbeing had been deemed necessary to speak about during contraceptive consultations by over 50% of the ladies throughout all age teams. The women also indicated that the sexual wellbeing aspect of contraceptive care was under-communicated throughout these consultations. Almost half of the ladies found it appropriate to see a midwife for contraceptive/sexual well being counselling. Only one-third knew that midwives can prescribe and administer lengthy-appearing reversible contraceptives .

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Norway has common well being protection, and it’s a tenet that a lady has the proper to make selections relating to her personal body. Women have the right to free health services during pregnancy and childbirth. There is simple access to contraception, and the Abortion on Demand Act, passed in 1978, regulates a girl’s right to resolve to terminate a being pregnant. The woman could determine herself within the first 12 weeks, whereas a commission must approve an abortion from weeks, and except in distinctive circumstances, it’s outlawed after 13 weeks. There are sixteen.2 abortions per one thousand women in the age group years.