Our Training

The organization’s experience in training rests on the experience of the persons behind the company and the pool of qualified trainers from the industry. Although the company is newly incorporated, the main partner is highly experienced in engineering, construction and manufacturing industries. He has been in the business for the last 25 years, having held a portfolio of a manager of several companies in charge their workforce well-being and training requirements.

With the setting up of the company, he has with him qualified, approved accredited trainers who will be running the daily activities in the training centre.
All our trainers in the centre are fully competent and qualified for the course. They are existing approved accredited trainers by MOM and WDA to conduct the safety courses. They are well versed in delivering and developing safety-training courses for industries.

They have been trained as safety supervisors, safety coordinators, WSHO, lifting supervisors and other related safety courses and have extensive practical industrial experience. It is our centre commitment to develop and deliver programs to further their skills and knowledge in their field. The centre intends to conduct in house and external courses for them.


Training Premises

Participants can fully participate in 3 classrooms for their training activities. Air-conditioned classrooms for 1 X 40 persons and 2 X 20 persons equipped with the required training aids will provide a comfortable environment for participants. As for the work at height and Construction safety orientation course practical training activities Air-conditioned, they will all be done indoors.


The centre is presently in communication with various industries Associations to seek their support and cooperation.


The centre intends to produce information booklets for the course. For a start, the content may include the Do’s & Don’ts, of safety at the workplace.


It is the aspiration of the company to provide the best form of safety training to workers as well as managerial level as a form of skill to be developed and practiced at their workplace.
The company feels that in this area, it can and will be able to contribute best, not solely from the business point of view but rather with the extensive experience of the trainers and training programs to improve safety at work, quality of life and to instill in each and every individual the responsibilities in safety.