Shipyard Supervisors Safety Course

Course Overview

The Workplace Safety and Health (Shipbuilding and Ship-Repairing) Regulations 2008 (Reg. 6(8) stipulates that: “It shall be the duty of every person not to oversee or supervise any work (including any process) in a shipyard or on board a ship in a harbor unless he has received adequate safety and health training to ensure that the work that he oversees or supervises can be carried out safely

Who should attend this course?

The SSSC is designed for individuals who are to undertake the role of a supervisor in the marine industry.

Course Objectives/Contents

The aim of the course is to provide Learners with the requisite knowledge to manage shipyard activities, so that work can be carried out safely. At the end of the course, the Learner shall be able to:

  • Identify the Workplace Safety and Health Act, subsidiary legislation and industrial code of practice relevant to the marine industry
  • List the roles and responsibilities of a Shipyard Supervisor
  • Conduct a safety briefing for shipyard workers and contractors
  • Coordinate the implementation of safe work procedures in the marine industry
  • Provide inputs for drawing up a risk assessment matrix
  • Formulate occupational health programme
  • Conduct investigation and prepare an incident report

Pre-Requisites / Assume Skills and Knowledge

The Learner should have at least WSQ Employability Skills System (ESS) Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 4 and above or equivalent.

Trainer to Trainee Ratio

1: 30 Theory & 1: 30 Theory Assessment

Course Duration

32 Hours (Including 3 hours Assessment)

Attendance requirements



Comprising both Theory and Practical Session
Written Test (WT) : Role Play / Case Study (RP/CS)

Medium of Instruction


Training Methodology

Slides presentation, sharing of best practice and incident. Role Play and case studies.

Passing marks

Theory Examination (WT): 65% / 2 hours
Role Play / Case Study (RP/CS): 65% / 1 hour


Certificates and Cards shall be endorsed by EFG Training Services Private Ltd and issued to participants at the end of course.

Course Fees


Course Venue

No. 3 Soon Lee Street, #01-16, Pioneer Junction, S (627606).

Contact Details

Ph: 63347872
Fax: 63347891

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