Work at Height course (WAH)

Course Overview

This course is intended for all workers who are required to work at heights. The course will familiarize participants with the hazards associated when working at heights. They will then be able to identify the hazards and take preventive measures in fall prevention.

Who should attend this course?

All workers required to work at heights in their daily operations and activities exposing themselves to hazards of fall from heights.

Course Objectives

This course is aimed at providing individuals with the requisite WAH knowledge and skills so as to perform their WAH activities properly and safely. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Identify the Workplace Safety and Health Act/ Regulations/ Approved Codes of Practice/ Singapore Standards relevant to Work At Height
• Identify and eliminate hazards through risk assessment methods relevant to Work At Height hazards
• Follow their organizational Fall Prevention Plan relevant to Work At Height
• Ensure Use and Care for fall prevention equipment’s and systems

Pre-Requisites / Assume Skills and Knowledge


Trainer to Trainee Ratio
1: 20

Course Duration

7.5 Hours (Including 1 hour Assessment)

Attendance requirements

Comprising both Theory and Practical Session
Written Test (WT) / Practical Performance (PP)

Course Outline

• Introduction
• Legal and Other requirements in relation to Work At Height
• Risk Assessment to Identify and Eliminate Work At Height Hazards
• Preventive measures of Work At Height hazards
• Fall Protection Equipment’s and System
• Fall Protection Plan

Medium of Instruction

English / Malay / Tamil / Bengali

Training Methodology

Slides presentation, sharing of best practice and incident. Hands on practical session.

Passing marks

Theory Examination (WT): 60%
Practical Assessments (PP): 100%


Certificates Cards shall be endorsed by EFG Training Services Private Ltd and issued to participants at the end of course.

Course Fees


Course Venue

No. 3 Soon Lee Street, #01-16, Pioneer Junction, S (627606).

Contact Details

Ph: 63347872
Fax: 63347891